The Gilded Age: Politics and Industry (1865-1900)


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Big Picture

The Gilded Age fostered the consolidation of business, the government, and disadvantaged economic and social classes.

Unit Readings

Divine: 17, 18, 19, 20

American Pageant: 23, 24, 25, 26

Primary Documents

praise of mechanization.pdf

Make a Billionaire.pdf

first step on new soil.pdf

How can I call home.pdf

political graft.pdf

cross of gold.pdf

Supplemental Reading

An Actual Zinn Chapter:

And of course you must complete the following Summary:

Requirements for Written Summaries:

  1. Explanation of 5-7 main ideas from the text – these should be in your own words and reflect major themes from the chapter.

  2. 3-5 quotes (Zinn’s words or someone else’s) that stood out to you – please include page numbers and an explanation of why you selected the quote.

  3. 3-5 questions you have about the text or for the author – remember you should be interacting with the text.

  4. 7-10 key terms from the chapter – people, legislation, events, etc.

  5. A personal reaction to the chapter – what new perspective did the chapter provide? How did the chapter reinforce or contradict what you previously believed or what was discussed in class? How did the chapter help you better understand the material from the unit?

Powerpoints/Lecture Notes

AUDIO LECTURE: Focus on the West

AUDIO LECTURE: Confrontations with Native Americans

AUDIO LECTURE: Cattle, Frontiers, and Farming

AUDIO LECTURE: End of the Frontier

AUDIO LECTURE: Gilded Age Scandal and Corruption

AUDIO LECTURE: Consumer Culture

AUDIO LECTURE: Rise of Unions

AUDIO LECTURE: Growth of Cities

AUDIO LECTURE: Life in the City

AUDIO LECTURE: Agrarian Revolt

CLASS POWERPOINT: Ch. 17 The Westfinal.pptx

CLASS POWERPOINT: RiseofBigBusiness.pptx

CLASS POWERPOINT: GrowthOfTheLaborMovement.pptx

Web Links and Primary Documents

Ch. 17

Ch. 18

Ch. 19

Ch. 20