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Miami Springs Senior High

Welcome to Mr. Koski's Homepage 


This site contains information on Assignments for Mr. Koski's classes and
Mu Alpha Theta activities and results.

Miami-Dade County Public Schools Home Page

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2012-2013 Mu Alpha Theta Officers
President: Pablo Hernandez
Executive VP: Steven Winchester
Treasurer: Michael Perez
Secretary: Veronica Padron
Vice Presidents
Competitions: Gerardo Carranza
Activities:  Henry Laney
Scrapbook: Max Dunevitz
Sgt. at Arms: Orlando Laney, Ashley Zulueta
Information: James Eby

President Mathletes: Andy Ekanayake
VP Mathletes: Nicholas Costa

John Mayo 


All students should take the Student Survey.  If you have multiple classes, you need only take it once. 

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When you have completed signing up for all online work.  Fill out the next survey.
Online Activities

GradebookPIV   Math Counts
Each student will log on to FATHOM surveys


AP Summary Reports (Break down by state) 1997-2009 http://www.collegeboard.com/student/testing/ap/exgrd_sum/2009.html
Graph Paper


Graph Paper
did-you-know 2010


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