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What’s the difference between college and high school

SAT problem of the day

General: Journal Reading Assignments. All Classes

0) Reading Strategies

1) 25 Words That Can Hurt Your Resume
2) College Graduates Reading Skills Drop
3) Florida Education
4) Harmonic Series
5) Hearing Loss
6) Leave no gifted child behind
7) Lies Calc And Comp Told
8) Lockharts Lament
9) Middle School  Class Tapes
10) ReCaptcha- Reusing your 'wasted' time online
11) Why nerds are unpopular.doc
12) The great Eskimo vocabulary hoax
13) Divisibility Tests
14) Why Students Think They Understand—When They Don’t
15) Super Crunchers
16) Pretty Good
18) 'Grown-Up' learning
19) Exponential Computing
20) Student Expectations Seen as Causing Grade Disputes
21)Is technology producing a decline in critical thinking and analysis
22) Tolstoy_Integration.pdf
23) Flatland Complete Text
24) SavingBrainCells (1-2)  Saving (3-4)  Saving (5-6)  Saving (7)
25) Night Texting
26) Ginger helps ease nausea in chemo patients (Stats) Evaluate
27) Why Women Should Take Computer Science
28) Most Lucrative College Degrees
29) AP Calculus vrs Honors Calculus
30) Dead Grandma Hypothesis
31) IPhoneApps
32) One word to Graduates. Statistics
33) Eye halve a spelling chequer
34) The great Eskimo vocabulary hoax
35) For Today’s Graduate, Just One Word- Statistics
36) Measuring the Happiness of Large Scale Written Expression
Reading Theory
37) Egyptian Fractions
38) ForeignLanguageOfMath
39)  Geometric Quadratic equation
40) Math Language
41) Math Symbolism
42) TribeOnlyCountTo2
43) Student Symbolism
44) Widening Gender Gap in Education
45) PI Bill.pdf

Visualizing Polynomial Roots http://math.ucr.edu/home/baez/week285.html