Mr. White

Computers and Business Technology

Jose Marti MAST 6-12 Academy - Teacher Schedule
ODD DAY PeriodClassTimeEVEN DAY PeriodClassTime
1Plato Web Learning7:20 - 8:502Business Keyboarding7:20 - 8:50
Homeroom : 8:54 - 9:04
3Planning9:08 - 10:384Computer Applications 19:08 - 10:38
5Business Keyboarding10:42 - 12:466Computer Applications 110:42 - 12:46
7Business Keyboarding12:50 - 2:208Computer Applications in Business12:50 - 2:20
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Class Motto : "Listen, Think, Speak" - Where Everybody is Somebody.

    Classroom Rules

  1. All work must be turned in on time.
  2. Students must be on time to class.
  3. Absent students must bring an admit.
  4. Respect all students in class and the teacher.
  5. Do your best.


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In my class, students are expected to complete work when it is given. I do not give "make-up" work for assignments that were not done. Assignemnts that are turned in late will receive a reduced grade.