The following is a list of all the supplies your child will need for Kindergarten.

Parents, the school supplies listed below are required for each student to have in his/her desk at Joe Hall Elementary. These supplies stay at school and do not go home. It is a good idea to have a second set of school supplies at home for your child to use. Thank-you.

4 sharpened #2 pencils

A box of crayons. A box of "8" crayons will do just fine. No more than "24" crayons!

1 box of tissue

5 gluesticks
(No Liquid Glue)

1 ream of copy paper


One soft pink eraser.

One sturdy school box to keep inside desk.

One pair of "Fiskar" round tip scissors. If your child is left handed, please make sure that you buy left handed scissors.

One Black & White Composition book.

One heavy duty duo-tang folder with pockets.

Finally, 1 container of anti-bacterial hand sanitizer soap.

Parents, the black and white composition book and the duo-tang folder with pockets must be stored in your child's book bag and brought to school everyday. Please make sure your child's book bag has straps on it, so that it can be hung behind his/her chair.


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