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Course Description

This course exposes students to the technical and creative aspects of a career in television production, and broadcast journalism. Students will study the major components of what is involved in a broadcast/television production, such as script writing, filming, editing, sound mixing, and recording. Using these skills students will learn how to produce short films, video reports, commercials, and other types of multimedia projects.

This is an interdisciplinary course in which students will apply skills learned in Language Arts and Social Studies as they develop their various projects. At the end of the course students will have an understanding of the skills required to have a career in film and/or broadcasting.

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News Articles

Every nine weeks each student will submit an news article about a current event to be featured on our daily show. Please check the class OneNote Notebook to confirm the topic of the article and the date on which it is due. Use these news resources to get started.


The TV production class will make extensive use of the tablet computers provided by the school district. Most work will be assigned and reviewed electronically. Some assignments and activities will still require traditional materials. Students should have the following supplies available for use in class:

Resources on Your Left

Resources for students, including libraries, finding information, APA writing guidelines, and help with citing sources are also available to the left.

News Sources

CNN - Cable News Network
Daily Telegraph
The Economist
FOX News
Miami Herald
NBC News
New York Times

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