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Course Description

This course exposes students to the technical and creative aspects of technology and science. Students will explore STEM concepts building their bridges, egg drop containers, mousetrap cars, and water bottle rockets as we create entries for the middle school division of the District SECME Olympiad. Students learn about engineering and data driven design through participation in the Ten80 Education program. Students will also study the major components of what is involved in media production including photography and videography. Using these skills students will create entries for our district SECME competition, practice data driven through our Ten80 activities and produce multimedia projects.

This is an interdisciplinary course in which students will apply skills learned in Science and Language Arts as they develop their various projects. At the end of the course students will have an understanding of the science and STEM skills.

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The STEM Physical Science class will involve group work and hands-on learning. Students are expected to have a place to take notes and record observations taken during class. A USB flash drive can be shared with other classes.

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Resources on Your Left

Resources for students, including libraries, finding information, APA writing guidelines, and help with citing sources are also available to the left.

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