Topics For This Semester

We will cover the following topics this semester:

  • Periodic Table
  • Sun, Earth and Moon (10 Days - Chapter 5 & 6)
  • Human Growth and Development (13 Days - MDCPS Curriculum Life Skills)
  • Substance Abuse - Personal Health & Relationships (4 Days - MDCPS Curriculum Life Skills)



Check back every day for your homework assignments.


  • Materials

    There will be homework assignments almost daily and each student will need to invest in a two inch loose leaf binder. This binder will be part of a major grade for the course, so I am putting extra emphasis on my students having a strong binder. In addition students should have a pocket folder, black or blue pens, highlighters, colored pencils, several #2 pencils and a ruler. These materials should be brought to class EVERY day.

  • Procedures

    We cover a lot of material in one class period so locker passes will not be issued. In addition, please remember to read the cell phone policy here at Jose Marti MAST 6-12 Academy. Students are NOT permitted to use cell phones in class and any student using a cell phone will have the cell phone taken away. The parent will have to come to school to retrieve it. Also Please make sure to go to the restroom BEFORE class as to not interrupt the flow of our class procedures

Notebook Table of Contents

Classroom Notebook

1. Bell Work Assignment - This is a daily assignment that will be posted on the board. Please remember to date each entry. It will include material that was covered during the previous class.

2. "Tell me what you know." - This will be an entry at the beginning of each new topic or concept. Again, there is no wrong answer to this entry. I want to know if you have any prior knowledge about the subject.

3. Notes - You are responsible for all notes both written and lecture notes from each topic or concept. This should be the biggest piece of your notebook. I am looking for not only neatness, but complete and very detailed information. In addition, you are to take notes on all class related videos and PowerPoint presentations. You will be quizzed on notebook entries at random, so make sure you are focused and paying very close attention to all materials in this very important section of your notebook.

4. Pictures, Diagrams, Graphs - This section will be devoted to any visuals that are associated with the topic covered in each unit.

5. Reflection Writing - This section should be written after each topic/concept is completed. It is your chance to ask yourself, what did I learn, what information was important, what is my "hook" for understanding this information, what is the "big" picture, and what did I learn that I didn't know.

6. Laboratory - This is probably the next most important section of your notebook. You are responsible for copying all lab directions, materials and equipment used during lab. In addition, you are responsible for a complete and detailed lab written report that will follow each experiment.

7. Homework - This section will be graded and kept as a reference and review for all formal assessments. You will be given homework every night, so do not fall behind on any assignments.

8. News of the Day - This section will highlight any Science-Based current events. You can obtain information from any viable news agency or organization, i.e. CNN, Scientific American and Discovery Channel.

9. Test Questions - This is the section where you are to make up 25 questions on each topic or concept. I will direct you on what topics and concepts are to be covered in your test.

10. Vocabulary Words - This section will be devoted to any vocabulary words you do not understand. As you read various resources, write down any words (it doesn't have to be science related) that you do not understand. In addition, these could be words that you feel are important to note for reflective writing, news of the day or lecture/video notes.

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