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Grading Period
Class Material
First Nine Weeks
  1. Course Syllabus
  2. Course Rules and Procedures
  3. American History Glossary
  4. Hispanic Heritage Month Project
  5. Chapter 1 Summary
  6. Chapter 2 Summary
  7. Chapter 3 Summary
  8. Chapter 4 Summary
  9. The Early American Civilizations Three-Column Chart
  10. Common Sense by Thomas Paine
  11. "A Kind of Revolution" by Howard Zinn
  12. Declaration of Independence
  1. The 50 U.S. States and Capitals (Cartoon clip)
  2. The United States Presidents (Cartoon Clip)
  3. Incas
  4. American Revolution PowerPoint
  5. French Revolution PowerPoint
  6. Chapter 4 Powerpoint
Second Nine Weeks
  1. Chapter 5 Summary
  2. Articles of Confederation
  3. The Virginia Plan 1787
  4. Federalist & Antifederalist Positions
  5. Bill of Rights
  6. Federalist Paper # 10
  7. Federalist Paper # 78
  8. Formation of a National Government
  9. Chapter 6 Summary
  10. Judiciary Act of 1789
  11. Federalist Party vs. Democrat-Republicans
  12. Contrast between Jefferson and Hamilton
  13. Sedition Act of 1798
  14. Jay Letter's to Washington
  15. Washington's Farewell Address
  16. Westward Expansion & Regional Differences
  17. Chapter 7 Summary
  18. Chapter 8 Summary
  1. Chapter 5 Powerpoint
  2. Federalist vs Anti-Federalist Video
  3. Chapter 6 Powerpoint
  4. Devlopment of the Two-party system Video
  5. John Adams Video
  6. Chapter 7 Powerpoint
  7. Chapter 8 Powerpoint
  8. Chapter 9 Powerpoint
  9. Chapter 10 Powerpoint
Third Nine Weeks
  1. Black History Month Project
  2. World War I Propaganda Poster
  1. Chapter 11 Powerpoint
  2. Chapter 12 Powerpoint
  3. Chapter 13 Powerpoint
  4. Chapter 14 Powerpoint
  5. Chapter 15 Powerpoint
  6. Chapter 16 Powerpoint
  7. Chapter 17 Powerpoint
  8. Chapter 18 Powerpoint
  9. World War I PowerPoint
  10. World War I Propaganda Poster PowerPoint
  11. World War I Podcast


Fourth Nine Weeks

  1. The Stock Market Crash of 1929
  2. Great Depression Notes
  3. Then & Now: Comparing Great Depression Prices to Today
  4. "I Remember . . ." - Reminiscences of the Great Depression
  5. Escape from Sobibor Movie Questions
  6. Escape from Sobibor Assignment
  1. World War II PowerPoint
  2. World War II Podcast
  3. Rosie The Riveter Clip


  1. List of all U.S. Presidents & Supreme Court Justices
  2. Admission of States into the Union
  3. The Constitution of the United States
  4. Amendments to the Constitution


  1. Presidential Chart



  1. DBQ's: Explanation Provides an overview of a DBQ, as well as potential documents that can be used in DBQs; included is a link at the bottom of the page, offering more detailed information on the DBQ.
  2. AP Euro Website with Sample DBQ's This site has sample DBQ's in order for students to familiarize themselves with this area of the exam.
  3. Primary Source Materials & Document Based Questions: An Internet Hotlist on Document Based Questions This site provides additional links to help students develop the necessary skills to write a successful DBQ. There is also information on primary resources and guidance with Constructed Response Questions.
  4. How to Write a DBQ A pdf file with notes on how writing DBQ's
  5. Another How to Write a DBQ A pdf file with notes on how writing DBQ's
  6. Thesis Statement Creator: This site helps you put together a thesis for use with your AP World History Essays.
  7. How to Write a Thesis: A teacher made site that will be especially helpful in writing thesis statements and essays.
  8. Developing an Introduction: Top-Down Model: This web site will help with your writing the introduction to your AP World History essays.
  9. What is a Thesis Statement : A pdf file
AP Exam
  1. Collegeboard
AP Textbook
  1. American: Past & Present Student Online Resources



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