The International Studies Charter High School ends its first year with an A grade.

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I.  The move from Coral Reef and the creation of the new International Studies Charter High School:


At of the beginning of the school year 2004-2005, the French International Studies Program moved from Coral Reef High School to the new International Studies Charter High School (“ISCHS”). In its first year, it was housed temporarily at the Museum of Science in Miami. The new ISCHS is a partnership between Dade County Public Schools and the governments of France, Spain and Italy.  ISCHS  has its own Board of Directors in addition to being under the rubric of the Dade County School Board. The idea behind the creation of the school was to give students in the IS program a chance to continue their studies all the way through high school. The objective for students in the French section is to prepare them to pass the new  French/American section of the baccalaureat, in addition to the regular high school diploma, which will give them access equally to French and American universities. 


II. The composition of the new school and course offerings:

In its first year the school counted 67 students in French, Spanish and Italian. 50% of these students came from Carver Middle School. The French International Studies Program currently being offered at ISCHS is exactly the same as the program that was offered to students at Coral Reef in years past. The teachers who were provided by the French government for Coral Reef are now teaching at ISCHS. The students use the same textbooks as they did at Coral Reef and the courses are the same. In its second year, ISCHS will house 9th and 10th grade classes, and is projecting an enrollment of 120 students.  The new Charter School also intends to offer Advanced Placement (AP) classes in the future starting in 11th grade. Students at ISCHS will also be able to study a third language as an elective. The curriculum places great emphasis on global awareness. By agreement with the Spanish, French, and Italian Ministries of Education, International Studies students may take national exams, and if successful, may access the university system of those countries. French IS students sit for the French national exam, Le Brevet, in the ninth grade, and Spanish IS students receive the tenth grade Spanish certificate of completion and sit for the Bachillerato in the twelfth grade. See below for actual course offerings by (anticipated) grade levels.



III. The company charged with establishing the new school:


Academica Corp, the company that established ISCHS, will be applying for SAC (Southern Association of Colleges) accreditation, a process that lasts between 1 to 3 years. The school is evaluated on the same criteria as any other public high school, such as course offerings, teacher certification, calendar compliance, FCAT grades etc.



III. Articulation from Carver to ISCHS but not to Coral Reef High School:


Students who graduate from Carver will have automatic articulation into ISCHS providing the student has a C average or above at Carver and meets the language requirement (near fluency) at the end of 8th grade. Students from Carver no longer have automatic articulation into Coral Reef as in years past. Students must go though the regular magnet application process offered by Dade County. The program that currently exists at Coral Reef is the International Baccalaureate Program which has less of a concentration on languages. Parents are encouraged to visit the IB program at Coral Reef to see if they feel their children will be challenged in the program. Parents were also encouraged to go on the Dade County website to investigate other high school options for their children such as MAST Academy, New World School for the Arts, Coral Gables High School and of course, Coral Reef.


 V: School location

 Several options are currently being investigated for the upcoming 2005-2006 school year. Information will be sent shortly.

VI. The new French/American Baccalaureate
Negotiations are ongoing between the French Ministry of Education and the American College Board to establish a new section of the French baccalaureat: a French/American option that would be receive equal credits in French and American universities. This exam would require students to pass 4 AP classes in lieu of  selected French subject exams. More news will be posted as soon as the final version of the exam is published.

La France et les Etats-Unis travaillent sur le projet d'un baccalauréat français à option franco-américaine :

Le ministère de l'Éducation Nationale et l'association américaine à but non lucratif "College Board" réflechissent à la création d'un baccalauréat à option franco-américaine qui disposera d'une double reconnaissance aux Etats-Unis et en France. Cet examen facilitera l'accès à l'enseignement supérieur américain tout en restant une option à part entière du baccalauréat français. Les élèves titulaires de ce diplôme auront acquis la maîtrise d'un bilinguisme professionnel et appris à travailler selon les méthodes françaises.

L'examen consisterait à passer 4 modules "Advanced Program Exams" qui se substitueraient aux épreuves de certaines disciplines du baccalauréat d'enseignement général. Ces modules varieront suivant la série de bac choisie. Cette maquette comme les conditions de passation de l'examen sont encore en cours de discussion.

Le service culturel du consulat général de France à Miami et le service des Établissements français d'Amérique du Nord de l'ambassade de France aux Etats-Unis vous tiendront informés des suites de ce projet.


VI. Anticipated Course offerings:


Grade 9


Honors English I / ESOL

Mathematics in English / French

Language and Literature in Spanish / French / Italian

World History in Spanish / French /Italian

Honors Biology

Computers / Physical Education


Grade 10

Honors English II / ESOL

Mathematics in English / French

Language and Literature in Spanish / French / Italian

Humanities in Spanish / French / Italian Honors

Chemistry / Chemistry

Computers/ Physical Education


Grade 11

Honors English III / ESOL Mathematics

Language and Literature in Spanish / French / Italian

Humanities in Spanish / French / Italian

Physics / Other Science/ Elective

Honors US History / US History

* Possible AP Level Courses

Grade 12

Honors English IV / ESOL Mathematics

Language / Literature / Philosophy In Spanish / French / Italian

Humanities in Spanish / French / Italian

Fine Art / Elective

Honors American Government and Economics

* Possible AP Level Courses


NOTE: Honors and AP courses by teacher recommendation.

AP curses begin in the 11th grade.

For courses taught in foreign languages, teachers and curricula from the Ministries of Education


VIII. Meeting Attendees:

Mrs. Libia Gonzalez, Principal G.W. Carver Middle School

Dr. Joanne H. Urrutia - Administrative Director Division of Bilingual Education and World Languages

Mr. Santiago Corujedo – Education Attache, Consulate General of Spain

Mrs. Victoire Di Rosa – Cultural Attaché, Consulate General of France

Ms. Ana Alvarez, Principal Senior High School

Dr. Helen Blanch, Administrative Director, School Choice and Parental Options