Mrs. Phillips

Grade 8 Mathematics 2012 2013

Teacher Schedule and Contact Information
ODD DAY PeriodClassTimeEVEN DAY PeriodClassTime
1Planning7:20 - 8:502Math 37:20 - 8:50
Homeroom : 8:54 - 9:04
3Planning9:08 - 10:384Math 39:08 - 10:38
5Math 310:42 - 12:466Math 310:42 - 12:46
7Math 312:50 - 2:208Math 312:50 - 2:20
Teacher EMAIL :

Mrs. M. Phillips

FOLLOW THE RULES Students are expected to follow class / school rules at all times.

    Classroom Rules

  1. BE PUNCTUAL. Be in your assigned seat, with all required materials, and ready to work when the bell rings. Do not get out of your seat without permission. If you come to class without your math notebook and supplies, you will not be allowed to borrow supplies.
  2. BE COURTEOUS. Pay attention to the speaker and always raise your hand before participating! Be kind to classmates in speech and actions. Show respect for others. Use kind words. Keep your behavior under control.
  3. BE RESPONSIBLE. Follow directions and complete assignments carefully. Do your best work everyday. Always head your papers with your first and last name, date, class period, and assignment.
  4. KEEP OUT OF CLASS. Food or drink. This includes gum, candy, and water. All electronic devices, unless medical, are forbidden. All electronic watches which emit loud alarms must be turned off.
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In my class, students are expected to complete work when it is given. I do not give "make-up" work for assignments that were not done.