Ms. Prieto

Mathematics Instructor, Jose Marti M.A.S.T. 6-12 Academy

Teacher Schedule and Contact Information
ODD DAY PeriodClassTimeEVEN DAY PeriodClassTime
1Pre-Algebra7:20 - 8:502Algebra 1 Honors7:20 - 8:50
Homeroom : 8:54 - 9:04
3Algebra 1 Honors9:08 - 10:384Algebra 1 Honors9:08 - 10:38
5Planning10:42 - 12:466Planning10:42 - 12:46
7Algebra 1 Honors12:50 - 2:208Algebra 1 Honors12:50 - 2:20
Teacher EMAIL :

Welcome to the homepage for Ms. Prieto at Jose Marti M.A.S.T. 6-12 Academy.

Quote Of The Day: "You cannot teach people anything. You can only help them discover it within themselves" -- Galileo

    Classroom Rules

  1. Be on time to class.
  2. Follow directions and be a good listener.
  3. Bring math supplies to class everyday and complete assignments carefully.
  4. Be respectful of others and their property.
  5. Assignments are to be completed in pencil and all work must be shown. They must be turned in on time. Late work is not accepted.
  6. Have a positive attitude and do your best at all times!

Mathematics Websites & Links

Marti MAST website
Florida Achieves
Khan Academy
Cool Math

Common Forms

Notetaking Form Vocabulary Form

IMPORTANT: Homework/Study Class Notes is assigned every class period