Auditions will consist of three sections: studio performance, a review of the portfolio and sketchbook, and an interview.

Studio Performance (3 live audition-day drawings: value, contour, portrait)
Each participant will be provided with the necessary materials. Applicants will be expected to demonstrate ability to complete the studio portion of the audition by drawing from observation of three-dimensional subjects in a variety of media.

Portfolio and Sketchbook Review
All 2-D work must be brought to the audition site in a portfolio or similar folder. The portfolio must include ten examples of original art work (no more, no less). The sketchbook should be 8” x 11” or larger. The student’s full name and grade should be printed on the cover of the portfolio and the inside cover of the sketchbook. Limit two-dimensional artwork to the size of the portfolio. Drawings should represent a ratio of at least 50% of the portfolio but photographs, graphic art, and three-dimensional work are also acceptable. Three-dimensional artwork may be submitted in slide form or boxed and packaged for safe handling.

A member of the faculty will interview the applicant to determine the levels of motivation, commitment, and suitability for the program.