DASH’s unique visual arts magnet curriculum combines fine art with practical design concentrations to provide a well-rounded art education that has proven successful for three decades. As a result, DASH students compete very effectively for college admissions and scholarships. Please note, all DASH students (without exception) must complete the full curriculum of fine art and design coursework.


The four-year fine art program (which runs parallel to the design program) includes foundation courses in drawing and painting; art history and dual enrollment courses in fine art; and advanced placement courses in drawing, 2-D design/painting, and 3-D design/sculpture. The option to take fine art classes without design coursework is not available at DASH. We do not offer a stand-alone Fine Art program but rather require all students to complete fine art classes during each of their four years of high school in addition to their separate design program classes.


Beginning sophomore year, students specialize in one of the five design programs described below. DASH students do not officially choose their design program until just before tenth grade. The audition evaluates an applicant's potential as a visual communicator with a focus on basic drawing skills of observation and imagination for all applicants. Indicating which program interests you has no impact on the outcome of your audition. All applicants complete the same audition.

Architecture/Interior Design This program includes freehand drawing, model building, computer aided design and juried presentation. Furniture, landscape, and urban planning are critical components of the architecture program. Students learn to design structures that are beautiful and functional. They work in a design studio setting just as they would in a professional firm and are taught by accomplished architect Eric Hankin. They build small-scale conceptual models of their designs and prepare dynamic presentations showing plans, elevations, sections, axonometrics, and perspectives. And they learn to use the tools of the trade such as drawing equipment including computer aided design (CAD) software in dual enrollment classes taught by professors from Florida International University. These students tend to work quietly and independently and sometimes choose to enhance their education with advanced math and science classes. They learn to present their work confidently not only through dynamic displays, but also through articulating in person in front of juries of professional architects. Design Programs

Industrial Design - (Product and Transportation Design) The industrial design program, one-of-a-kind in the nation, focuses on the interaction between products and individuals. Product design begins with hand drafting and concept drawings. Students are fluent in two-point perspective as it plays an important role in their design process. I.D. students design the surfaces consumers interact with such as watches, phones, shoes, and cars. They commit to hard work on demanding assignments. Many who complete the DASH I.D. program are offered large or full scholarships to elite design universities such as College for Creative Studies, and go on to work for companies like Adidas, Nike, Puma, Cadillac, and Mercedes Benz. These students are taught by an accomplished professional designer and earn college credit for their CAD class. DASH I.D. students possess strong line-drawing skills, and are required to meet strict deadlines for large quantities of concept drawings and high-quality final renderings from multiple perspectives. Design Programs

Visual Communications/Web Design - (Print and Digital Graphics) In the DASH Visual Communications/Web Design program, students work on iMac computers to produce movie posters, logos, fashion labels, packaging, signage, books, web sites and video games. These students often incorporate inspiration from their fine art work in their graphics work. They study typeface, analyze composition, and frequently use software tools like Adobe Photoshop. Taught by skilled graphic designer Dale Brooks, DASH Visual Communications students develop multi-stage projects such as board games and super hero dolls that involve conceptualizing, packaging, branding, and marketing in the form of billboards and web launches. They must also adhere to strict deadlines and learn to produce quality work under pressure in the competitive world of graphic design. Design Programs

Entertainment Technology - (Film) The DASH Entertainment Technology program teaches the behind-the-camera aspects of the film world including script-writing, story-boarding, working with editing software such as Final Cut Pro, using state-of-the-art equipment, researching career options in the film industry, and submitting work to the festival circuit. Students work within production companies and have to budget their projects. Phantom Film Works students have been regularly invited to participate alongside real world projects shot on location in Miami such as the MTV Video Music Awards, Super Bowl Miami, and the major motion picture "Marley and Me." They produce events that incorporate lighting, audio, cinematography, directing, and budgeting. Their teacher is filmmaker Tom Pike. Every year, DASH senior filmmakers share their best short films, music videos, and animated movies at the Phantom Film Festival in a local theater on the big screen. These students must coordinate their own projects by working independently and collaboratively, and need to develop strong time management skills both in and out of class. Design Programs

Fashion Design Fashion designers at DASH learn pattern making, draping, tailoring, how to work with various textiles, and how to use professional sewing equipment to produce beautiful, functional clothing. They prepare mood boards, collages full of visual inspiration, before assembling their seasonal fashion lines. These students work in a well-appointed sewing lab and they follow the work of major international houses to study current trends in the industry. They learn strong figure drawing skills to sketch their designs before producing them. Seniors showcase their looks at the annual DASH fashion show. Former students have worked with Teen Vogue and John Paul Gaultier, Ungaro Couture, Fendi, and Oscar de la Renta to name just a few. Design Programs